About Us

Do you watch your children with awe as they create delightful tales of adventure and fantasy as if from nowhere? Do you wish you could capture these treasured memories forever?

We believe imagination is fundamental to development. A child’s unrestricted creativity is something to be encouraged and cherished. Yet as adults we forget how to use our own imagination and the power of pure story-telling.

Starting with a child’s endless imagination we create a bespoke story that begins with their characters and develops into a magical adventure that becomes an incredibly special personalised keepsake, that will further inspire their own imagination.

Our Story

Mark Franklin grew up with a family culture of storytelling and now shares this important tradition with his children. He collaboratively creates imaginative adventures with the input and inspiration of his children.

It all began at breakfast one Saturday morning at the kitchen table and so, two unique books inspired by the imaginations of his own children were born.

His daughter’s wistful daydreaming became Princess Juno on the Island of Sand. And her younger brother, who adores fire engines and animals, developed Fireman Fred, the Tiger and the Owl.

“The children came up an exciting and eclectic mix of characters and from there we went on a collective and magical story-telling adventure together.” As a leading international coach, and someone involved in supporting schools, Mark is very passionate about the development of imagination and its impact later in life. “There are clear links between imagination and seeing endless possibilities, resilience and success. Above all however, modern society quickly diminishes the need or desire to be imaginative and it is a passion and a pleasure to encourage and support children’s endless imaginations.”